Plan of the Week

Plan of the Week:

 Uniform of the Day: ABU/BDU
Alternative: Plain Black Crew Neck T-Shirt with Blue Jeans and sneakers

We will be meeting in the lobby of Education Hall. Be there NLT 1845. It's mandatory that you have your CAP ID and 161 form on you at all times.  Bring any other necessary forms you may need with you, ex: Promotion, Pamphlets or Flyer for an event we could participate in ect... Make sure to Dress for the Weather and Please bring water with you. This can be in the form of water bottles or a camel-back. Please push your attendance intentions up the proper chain of command. All questions and concerns should and will be sent up the proper chain of command. 

Note: The word of the week is Candid.

The cadets responses were remarkably candid.

Additional Notes:
  • Cadets should arrive no later than 1845.
  • We will be meeting in the lobby of Education Hall. 
  • All cadets should have CAP ID's and CAP form 161.
  • All cadets should have HYDRATION, Camel-back or Equivalent.
  • If you are being promoted follow your proper chain of command to let us know.
  • END TIME IS 2115

The Word of the week is :